3 Reason Why Fall is the Best Time of Year to Lay Turf

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If you’re planning on laying turf in your front yard and backyard, you might wonder when is the best time to do so. According to experts, the ideal season to lay turf is mid-autumn. Of course, it still depends on where you are and the type of climate you have in your region. But laying turf in fall seems to yield the best result for most people.

But why is that?

Let’s look at 3 reasons why laying turf in fall is the best season for the activity.

1. Prime Soil Condition

During the summer, the sun will thoroughly bake the soil. So when autumn rolls around, the rainfall that comes with the season will disperse the accumulated heat and soften the ground.

That puts the soil in prime condition for receiving the turf. The ground is soft, and cultivation is easier compared to other seasons. Moreover, the weather and moist soil make it the ideal environment for healthy root growth.

So when winter is over, you’re left with a pristine-looking turf ready to receive the warmth of the summer season.

2. Plethora of Options

Since installing turf in fall is a popular activity, the businesses in this niche are finding ways to get an edge over each other. As a result, you’ll find many options in the market, whether prices or option variations.

You can even pit one company over another by researching their installation costs. Try to bundle a company’s services and get discounts for the specific package of your choosing.

3. Easier to Prepare the Soil

As mentioned earlier, laying turf in fall is best thanks to the soft soil created by the weather. Preparing the area where you’ll install the turf is relatively more straightforward.

Scattered clouds will block the sun and protect you from harmful UV rays. So you won’t need to lather yourself with sunscreen to avoid sunburn. And all you’ll need is your gardening tools to carry out the task.

Don’t get it twisted, however. Preparing the soil is still a taxing activity. But at least you’ll have the company of cool breeze and overcast skies as you toil away.

Benefits of turf

Now that we know that laying turf in fall is the best time of year for the activity, it’s time to understand the why. What are turf’s benefits, and why should you bother cultivating it?

1. Energy conservation

Turf grasses are excellent for ecosystems, especially for populated places. It cools the air we breathe by absorbing the sun’s radiation, a process referred to as evapotranspiration.

Here are just some of the many benefits of the process:

  • Improves air quality
  • It acts as a carbon sink
  • And boosts local rain-driven water cycle

2. Turf reduces runoff

During heavy rainfall, turf can help decrease the force of flowing water. In turn, the soil absorbs the water and increases groundwater reserves.

Moreover, heavy pollutants present in the rain are trapped and filtered by the turf. That prevents these harmful chemicals from contaminating our water system. Instead, the soil will break them down into harmless compounds.

Of course, turf can only handle so much filtration due to its limited real estate. But a neighborhood filled with natural turf can significantly impact the water in that area’s water reserves.

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