3 Reasons Why Our 100% Permeable Pet Turf Is So Popular

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Pets can be a great addition to any home. They provide the unconditional love and companionship that all humans need at some point in our lives. But sometimes, even with the best intentions, they make mistakes—like urinating on your lawn! So what do you do when it happens? Well, if you have a manicured lawn, this can be unsightly. Your other option is to replace them with something better—like Forest Green’s 100% Permeable Pet Turf! Here are three reasons this product is so popular among dog owners:

It’s not just better for pets but also the environment.

Synthetic turf saves water compared to natural grass lawns because there is no need to irrigate or keep up with watering schedules. That means less water usage and bill!


Hence, artificial turf is an increasingly popular solution for areas that have harsh growing conditions, such as the tundra or deserts. It provides a lush, green space without needing to worry about rain or sunshine.


They provide an environmentally friendly solution. It saves energy resources because heaters aren’t needed when installing artificial material outdoors (in colder climates). 


They also only release greenhouse gases into our atmosphere while being installed. Afterward, they are 100 percent carbon neutral in terms of emissions! 


With these reasons combined, saving money while protecting our planet, many people choose this solution over other landscaping materials such as natural grass lawns.

You will never have to worry about pet urine ruining your lawn.

When you think of artificial grass, you probably don’t think about how much water is trapped in or around it. And that’s where we come in: our turf allows rainwater to pass through unimpeded.


So instead of soaking into the ground below or becoming stagnant, it gets absorbed by plants and trees around your lawn. That means no more mud puddles when it rains—and no more wet spots on your lawn where pets urinate!


They are stain-resistant to your pet’s urine. The high amount of nitrogen in your pet’s pee can cause the discoloration of yellow patches. 


It can be unsightly, especially if your lawn has a dark green hue. The contrast between the two can be obvious from meters away.


But with our artificial grass, you can simply hose it off no matter what mess your pets make on their new playground. There’s no need for harsh chemicals or expensive cleaning services. 


So if you’re looking for a lawn that won’t hold water and your pet’s urine, consider artificial grass. It’s ideal for families with dogs or cats that like to play outside in the rain—and who doesn’t love playing in the rain?

Our turf products are completely safe and always entirely synthetic.

Our artificial grass doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers, so there’s no need to worry about your pets licking them. That means you can enjoy a clean, healthy lawn that is safe for your family and pets.


We know that sometimes it can be hard to tell if a product is safe, but when it comes to our turf products, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our turf products are completely synthetic and completely safe!


Our synthetic grass is made from 100% manmade products that won’t ever be able to grow or develop any bacteria or mold. Your lawn will never have to be replaced, as it will not wear out over time. 


It can withstand UV rays and extreme temperatures. That’s why you don’t have to worry about its color fading when it gets hot outside or if there’s rain in the forecast!


And they can last up to 20 years! You’ll never have another lawn maintenance bill again once you switch from natural grass lawns to our artificial ones!

Pet Turf Key Takeway

Pet-friendly artificial grass is the happy medium between keeping your beloved pet and maintaining a gorgeous lawn. Choosing this will ensure that you don’t end up with excrement marks all over your lawn, awful urine stains, or patches of discoloration that look like footprints.


If you’re looking for a way to keep your pet happy and healthy, then our 100% Permeable Pet Turf is perfect for you. They are the ideal solutions both indoors (in homes) and out.


Our artificial grass for pets is meant to mimic the look and feel of a real lawn. It’s made from premium materials and can be used in a variety of different areas.

You can browse our online catalog of artificial grass HERE. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at or call us at (916) 474-5036.

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