Artificial Lawn Nails? Loose Lay or Fixed Install?

Artificial grass Nails

Depending on where you live, which artificial grass you purchase, and what your budget is will help determine which type of artificial grass installation is best for you. While a Fixed install requires artificial lawn nails, let’s take a quick look at both options and explain the benefits of each one. 


Whether you’re a professional looking to save time or a do-it-yourselfer looking to save money, if you choose a fixed installation, the right nail with the correct head size and shank length is exactly what you need. To order Forest Green’s 6-inch artificial lawn nails, contact us at or call us at (916) 474-5036.


Loose lay installation.


Loose lay installation is the most popular and cost-effective artificial grass installation method. This is because it is cheaper to install, easier for the DIY-er, and less likely to be damaged by lawnmowers.


The loose lay system involves laying the turf over an existing surface of soil or sand, then securing it down using sandbags or weights. The turf can be installed in one or multiple pieces, depending on your needs.


It’s important that you have a professional installer do this type of work because they will know how much weight your flooring needs before they secure it down. This is so that there aren’t any problems later with shifting or pulling up your new lawn when people walk across it.


Fixed installation with artificial lawn nails.


Fixed install means that your contractor will remove the top layer of soil from your yard and lay down new sod before installing the artificial grass. This option makes the grass look more natural but requires more work on behalf of your contractor—and more time for you to wait before enjoying your new lawn!


One of the biggest advantages is that it can be done during any year’s season. The only requirement is that your lawn must be clear of snow before installation begins because no one wants muddy feet!


Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about water drainage. The artificial lawn nails will hold down your turf if installed correctly into concrete or asphalt (depending on where you live).


You also don’t need any special tools for installation, just a hammer and some nails! The downside is that this method will require access underneath your existing lawn.


This might require removing trees or shrubs growing close by. They could damage them if left alone for too long without pruning back their roots first (this could take weeks, depending on how big they are).


Another disadvantage is cost. Installing artificial grass using nails costs more than other installation methods because it requires drilling holes through concrete surfaces; these aren’t cheap!


What makes them different?


Both options have pros and cons, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Loose lay is cheaper because you’re not paying for the labor to remove the existing lawn and put down new turf.


But it’s more flexible (i.e., it will move with your body as you walk on it). So if there are any small bumps or dips in your lawn, they will be more noticeable.


Fixed installation is certainly more permanent—you don’t want to tear up what has been installed! But this can make some people nervous about installing something permanent in their yard.


Plus, it has greater durability than loose lay because there aren’t any gaps between individual blades where weeds can grow through them. But this doesn’t mean weeds won’t find ways around barriers either way!


What makes them similar?


While both methods are similar, it is recommended to seek advice from a professional installer to properly lay and fix the grass. This is because there are many variables that come into play when installing artificial grass, including the type of base material (artificial or natural) used underneath it and what types of infill materials are used for your lawn.

With loose lay and fixed installs, you can rest assured that your new lawn will be durable enough to last through many years worth of playtime and barbecues!




If you want something more customized or need more flexibility with your project, a loose-lay installation may be the better choice. But if you want a more uniform appearance without the patchy look, then opt for a fixed install.

You can browse our online catalog of artificial lawn nails HERE. For any questions or concerns, email us at or call us at (916) 474-5036.

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