Different Types Of Artificial Grass Infill

Different types of artificial grass infill

Artificial grass infill comes in many types, although their main purpose remains the same–help the grass blades stand upright after being exposed to pressure. 

Aside from helping the artificial grass look like the real thing, it also gives it the feel of natural grass as it simulates how the soil absorbs and lessens the impact while a person walks or runs on it. 

Additionally, the infill’s added weight prevents wrinkling and rippling, which can tear the backing of your turf over time. 

The infill also promotes good drainage, which means you don’t have to worry about water pooling. Plus, it protects the turf’s backing from the sun’s UV rays.

Forest Green Artificial Grass, a Roseville-based company that installs and sells artificial turf and accessories, explained the most commonly used types of infill. 


Since rubber has a natural bounce, this infill provides a softness almost similar to the natural soil and grass. Also, it is great for adding volume, making your artificial grass blades look fuller. 

Compared to other infills, rubber is easier to install. However, the downside is that it absorbs heat, making the grass hot to walk on during the sweltering summer months. Plus, it traps odors and doesn’t have any antibacterial properties. 

Meanwhile, this infill is best for lawns and commercial spaces that receive light to moderate traffic. 

Silica sand

This material is derived from eroded quartz that looks like small granules, which promote good drainage. 

One of the selling points of silica sand is its price–it is the most affordable artificial grass infill. However, the downside is that it hardens over time and traps pet odors; hence, it is only ideal for areas with very little traffic. 

Durafill sand 

This infill is made of a rounded quartz core that doesn’t absorb and trap heat, preventing your faux grass from heating up. Another notable benefit is its antimicrobial and water-resistant properties, making it a great infill if you have pets. 

And because of the infill’s rounded shape, it absorbs impact and pressure better, giving your artificial grass the natural feel.

The only downside of Durafill sand is the cost. But if you have the budget to spare and have children and pets, which often means heavy traffic, this infill is the best choice.  


Another pet-friendly option, this infill traps the pet urine smell, which is only released when the material comes into contact with sodium present in rainwater. Once these gases are leaked, they drain directly through the turf’s backing and into the soil with the rainwater. 

Crumb rubber

This infill is only reserved for sports applications with its shock absorption properties. And because the material is inexpensive, it is often used in large fields. 

Greenplay infill 

This infill has its sports applications, although it is also ideal for families with children, especially if they have a playground or sports field.

The infill is made of natural materials like coconut fibers and cork, which do not absorb as much heat as other artificial grass infills, making it ideal if you live in an area with a hot summer. It is also recommended if you live in a region with high humidity and rainfall.

If you need artificial grass and accessories, visit Forest Green Artificial Grass online store. Aside from supplying quality faux turf to DIYers, we also provide installation and landscaping services.

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