How Artificial Grass Can Make Your Summer More Fun

How Artificial Grass Can Make Your How Artificial Grass Can Make Your Summer More Fun

In Roseville and other parts of California that are prone to extended drought, the use of artificial grass is ideal because people get to enjoy a green lawn without having to water it regularly or do some time-consuming maintenance work that natural grass requires (like weekly mowing, soil condition, weeding, etc.)

The benefits of artificial grass 


For families that use their backyard as an entertainment area, artificial grass also offers additional benefits, especially during the summer months: 


No muddy area 


If you have a sprawling swimming pool or a foldable kiddie pool in your backyard, the appearance of potholes and muds is one of the issues you have to deal with. Fortunately, artificial lawn solves this problem because the water simply drains right through the product and into the soil. 


Even if it rains continuously, synthetic grass that has been properly laid offers exceptional drainage. Nonetheless, when releasing the water from the pool, let it drain bit by bit (rather than tip it all out once) to ensure that the infill that keeps the blades of grass upright are not displaced. 


Resistant to high traffic 


Some types of artificial grass are designed for high-traffic areas and can tolerate the weight of sun loungers and deckchairs. Once these outdoor furniture pieces are removed, the blades will bounce back and look fluffy (and natural) again. 


Despite the durability of high-quality artificial grass, it remains ideal to remove heavy items after use. Then, you can brush the area with a broom or a stiff-bristled brush designed for synthetic grass to make the blades upright and fluffy again. 


If you need artificial grass that looks natural and at the same time can tolerate high traffic, visit Forest Green to check out their products and supplies.


No brown spots 


With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about brown patches caused by high heat during the summer, poor or compacted soil, and pet’s urine. This means you get to enjoy a natural-looking, low-maintenance lawn all year round. 


Pet- and kid-safe artificial grass


Did you know that artificial grass comes in different types based on its appearance (e.g., “forest green,” “tall fescue,” “olive supreme,” “California spring,” etc.) and function (for playground, entertainment area, backyard golf, sports field)? Some are even specifically designed for homeowners with multiple pets and/or kids. 


Forest Green sells high-quality, non-toxic artificial grass that’s safe for children and pets and is highly resistant to UV rays to prevent fading. Some of their products are even designed without a porous surface to prevent pet urine and odor from penetrating the grass. 


Visit Forest Green to get free artificial grass samples.


Easy-to-clean surface 


You don’t need to worry about hosting a party in your backyard because It’s easy to remove most spills and stains with just warm soapy water. Plus, your guests who are wearing high heels don’t have to worry about their shoes sinking into a muddy spot. 

Final word 


Now that you know the notable benefits of synthetic lawn , why not shop at Forest Green or call them at (916) 474-5036 to get a free quote?  


After years of selling natural-looking and durable artificial grass and supplies at an affordable price, Forest Green has become the number one supplier in and around Roseville, California. 

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