How to Care For Your Artificial Turf During Spring?

artificial turf in the spring

Spring and artificial grass 

Spring is the best time to do home improvement and cleaning projects. After all, snow and rain have already eased and the temperature has become warmer. If artificial grass is installed in your yard, now’s also a good time to clear your lawn and do some light maintenance work to ensure your garden is ready for springtime parties.

Caring for artificial turf is relatively easier compared to natural grass. With synthetic grass, you won’t need to rake, reseed and fertilize your lawn. Nonetheless, there are some simple tasks that you need to do to ensure your lawn is in its best condition for the coming months. 

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Here are some things you can do to care for your artificial grass. 


Clear your lawn area

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick up the equipment on your lawn area. This includes furniture, planters, playsets and everything else on your lawn. 

Doing this will make cleaning and fluffing your synthetic grass easier. Likewise, this gives you an excellent opportunity to rearrange your garden. It’s recommended that you move your lawn equipment around, so they don’t wear out spots of your lawn unevenly. 


Check your artificial turf for any damage

Now that you have a clear view of your lawn, check if there are any damages on your synthetic grass. Look at your lawn’s seams and edges and see if there are any tears and buckles. 

Although artificial turf is durable and can withstand winter and other extreme weather conditions, it’s still possible for your lawn to get occasional damage. If this happens, you should know that it’s easy to repair artificial grass. You’ll only need to replace patches of synthetic turf and not the entire lawn.   


Clean your lawn

Twigs, leaves and other debris can accumulate on your synthetic turf throughout the winter. Once these materials decompose, they can end up blocking your drainage. 

You can sweep these debris with a brush with plastic or synthetic bristles. Avoid metal tools as these can damage your artificial grass. Afterward, you can use a garden hose to rinse your lawn area and wash off dust and other smaller debris. 

Next, take some time to do extra cleaning on the parts of your lawn where your dog or cat likes to do their business. Wash those areas with water and white vinegar to remove unpleasant odors. If the smell persists, consider using a specialized deodorizer product that can neutralize pet urine. 


Re-fluff your artificial grass

An important step in caring for your artificial turf is re-fluffing high-traffic areas or spots where lawn equipment typically rests. You can use a broom or a brush with plastic bristles to do this. Just avoid metals so you won’t inadvertently scratch your synthetic grass. 

Over time, leaving furniture and garden equipment on your artificial grass can flatten the area underneath. These spots look unattractive compared to the rest of the lawn and may also block drainage. That’s why aside from re-fluffing your yard, we also suggest moving your furniture around.   


Remove weeds

Normally, weeds won’t grow through your artificial turf, especially if a weed barrier has been installed beneath. Nonetheless, weeds can grow on the edges. This is especially true during springtime when it’s rainy.

Inspect the corners of your artificial grass and pull out any weeds you see. This will avoid unsightly weeds growing around your lawn, giving it a clean and neat appearance. 


Consider remodeling or new additions  

It’s easy to care for your artificial grass after spring. You only need to pick up debris, re-fluff flattened parts and remove weeds on the side. Unlike natural grass, you won’t need to mow your lawn, aerate the soil and put on fertilizer. As a result, you’ll spend less time maintaining your artificial grass and more time enjoying your yard.

Consider reorganizing your garden to give it a new look. Spring is the best time to do this as the soil is relatively softer and easier to work with. In addition, you may want to add flowerbeds, hardscapes or an additional section of artificial grass. 

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