Maintenance tips for your putting green artificial turf

What is a putting green and its benefits? 


If you’re a golf enthusiast and want to turn your backyard into a fun area where you can practice and play with friends and family, you may want to consider putting green made of artificial turf rather than a “living” grass.


First and foremost, artificial grass requires no water, fertilizer, or mowing; that’s why it’s a popular choice among busy homeowners who don’t have enough time to keep natural turf in excellent condition. By contrast, living grass requires high-level maintenance that includes watering, using fertilizer, ensuring just the right amount of sunlight, “conditioning” the soil, and mowing at least once every three days. 


Maintenance tips for your putting green artificial turf 


Artificial grass supplier Forest Green, which serves homes and businesses in and around Roseville, California, shares these easy-to-do maintenance tips to keep your putting green in tiptop shape. 


Remove debris from the surface of your artificial turf


To keep your putting green upright and in pristine condition, a good rule of thumb is to clean it at least once a week. You can remove large debris like branches or rocks with a rake or brush, and use a leaf blower to take care of leaves and other small pieces of trash.


When using a leaf blower, blow the grass fibers in one direction until all the leaves and other small debris have been removed. Next, brush the surface to get rid of the remaining dirt and debris that got stuck between the fibers. 


You can use an old broom or a stiff-bristled brush for synthetic grass. In addition, make sure that you sweep in one direction and not from side to side so the fibers will look natural and fluffy. 


Use a water hose 


It’s ideal to wash your putting green at least once a month to keep it smelling clean and in tiptop shape. And if you have pets or simply want to keep your artificial grass fresh and pristine, you can also use a synthetic turf grass cleaner or a pet urine neutralizer spray.


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When using a pressurized water sprayer to remove the dirt and debris off the surface, make sure that you don’t point the nozzle too close to avoid damaging the grass fibers and displacing the in-fills between them. 


Remove the stains


If you use your artificial turf for entertaining, expect stains and spills, which you can easily remove using a mild soap, provided that you treat them immediately while the smear has not yet deeply penetrated the fibers. 


Other tips you need to keep in mind when removing stains and spills: 


  • Oil-based stains are best treated with a degreaser followed by soap.
  • For foul-smelling or deep stains, you can use a commercial cleaning product, provided that you test it first on a small patch of grass. But if you want to err on the safe side, stick to cleaning products specially formulated for artificial lawns. 
  • Dish soap is great for removing coffee and red wine stains. 


Final word 


With proper maintenance, you can expect a high-quality and properly installed putting green made of artificial grass to look pristine for 15-20 years. 

If you need natural-looking and non-toxic artificial turf, visit Forest Green online shop or their brick-and-mortar location at Commerce Dr. Ste A Roseville, CA 95678. You can also call them at (916) 474-5036 or leave a message here.

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