The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pool Areas

When it comes to backyard pools, the goal is to maximize relaxation and beauty while minimizing maintenance. The simple solution to that problem is installing artificial turf around your pool area. While you may be tempted to go with concrete or another poolside surface, the benefits of synthetic grass will exceed your expectations. Artificial grass is not just one option — it’s the best option for your pool area.

Here are just some of the reasons to install artificial turf in your pool area.

Slip-Free Safety

You might be tempted to side-step grass entirely and install cement by your pool. Aside from the less-pleasing aesthetics, the other problem with cement is that it becomes incredibly slippery when wet. That’s not ideal if you’ve got children running around by the pool with bare feet. Instead, the safest choice is artificial turf, which is soft and padded to the touch. It’s also incredibly porous, meaning it will drain easily and stay dry by your pool.

Aesthetic Beaut

Having lush, green grass around a pool will make your backyard spot feel like a little slice of paradise. There’s something so serene about the contrast of bright green blades with the fresh blue water of a home pool. Your backyard chill-out area will really start to feel like a permanent vacation spot. Plus, there are almost unlimited options for landscaping.

No Mud in the Pool

The beautiful aesthetic will stay beautiful, too, because artificial turf means none of the mess of natural grass. Lawn clippings and mud are often tracked into the pool, which can create all kinds of eyesores and headaches. Plus, with natural grass, you have to worry about chlorine and other pool chemicals staining your lawn. None of these issues occur with artificial turf.

Low-Maintenance Lawn

A personal swimming pool is meant to be a place that allows you to relax and cool off, but everyone who owns one knows there’s still plenty of maintenance associated with it. Fortunately, with an artificial lawn, you can cut down significantly on your yard work. Along with less pool clean-up, you won’t have to worry about mowing, watering or fertilizing your lawn. That’s more time to perfect your cannonball or float around and work on your tan.

Long-Lasting Durability

To sum it all up, your swimming pool is in a high-traffic area that faces much more wear-and-tear than the average backyard. That means more concerns about safety, more maintenance and more potential headaches over time. Artificial turf can solve all of these problems, and it can withstand plenty of tough use for years to come.


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