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If you have pets and you’re thinking of installing an artificial turf in your yard, you may wonder how this would work? Would it make clean up easier, or would it just complicate your life as a pet owner? Fortunately, Forest Green Artificial Grass offers a synthetic grass called Pet Turf that is 100% permeable, meaning the urine will quickly pass through it and into the ground.


Aside from Pet Turf, we also offer artificial grass products ideal for high-traffic picnic areas, playgrounds, putting greens, sports fields, and commercial and residential landscapes. Click here if you want a synthetic turf sample.


Remember that when you have furry companies, you may want to skip the foam overlay or shock pad, which is generally reserved for kids’ playgrounds to cushion trips and falls. 


What are the benefits of synthetic grass for dogs? 


At Forest Green, all our artificial grass products are safe for children and pets because they are made of the same type of non-toxic plastic commonly found in household products. Additionally, our Pet Turf does not need pesticides, weed killers and other potentially harmful chemicals that a typical lawn needs. 


Our artificial grass products and supplies have been rigorously tested to ensure they do not contain lead and other toxic chemicals and materials. In short, we only sell products from reputable brands that do not use lead to dye their fake grass. You may want to read this CPSC report suggesting the safety of modern synthetic turfs.


Also, cleaning up after your dog is easy with synthetic grass; plus, you don’t have to worry about muddy paws all over your house. 


These are the other benefits of our pet-friendly synthetic grass: 


  • You don’t have to worry about brown spots caused by pet urine on your lawn.
  • Pet Turf can withstand wear and tear inflicted by your dog’s paws and claws. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the usual upkeep (e.g., watering, mowing and aerating the soil) that comes with maintaining a “living” lawn.
  • If you’re living in a drought-prone area like California and Nevada, the use of synthetic grass is a good option.


How to maintain your synthetic grass for dogs?


Once your synthetic turf is installed in your yard, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep that a living lawn requires–e.g., weekly mowing, watering, using fertilizers and herbicides, etc. 


Thanks to artificial grass, even people with hectic schedules can enjoy a neat-looking and elegant lawn. 


But to keep your Pet Turf looking neat, you may want to stick to some basic weekly maintenance in which you remove leaves and dirt using a leaf blower or plastic rake. And if you’re dealing with stains and dirty spots, you can also use a mild cleaning solution, which can be a dishwashing soap diluted in water or a product specifically formulated for synthetic turf. Check out Forest Green spray cleaners specifically designed to eliminate pet urine odor. 


You may also want to brush your synthetic lawn at least every month; to do this, use a stiff broom with synthetic bristles or an electric artificial grass rake to fluff up the flat strands, which happens when you frequently use your lawn. However, don’t use a brush with metal or wire bristles and alcohol-based and other harsh chemical cleaners to avoid damaging the fibers. 


Is fake grass for dogs durable? 


Even with very little maintenance, a properly installed artificial grass from a reputable brand can last up to 15-20 years. 


Where to buy artificial grass for dogs?


As a one stop shop, Forest Green Artificial Grass has everything you need to DIY install and maintain a pristine, realistic-looking synthetic turf. From different grass varieties, infills and nails to cleaning products and weed barriers, we got everything you need. 


Call us now at 916-347-3772 or contact us here if you want to learn more about our Pet Turf.

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