How to start your DIY putting green project

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If you’re passionate about golf, you may want to consider transforming your backyard into a “mini golf course” where you can practice your putting, pitching and chipping skills anytime you want. Turning your yard into a putting green also means sharing your hobby with friends and family. 


Installing your own putting green has never been easier. A DIY putting green project won’t require a ton of money or expert construction skills. With some elbow grease and patience, you can set up a backyard golf course and play in the comfort of your home. 


Step-by-step guide to build your DIY putting green

Read our step-by-step guide to DIY install your putting green. Or you can also watch this video to learn how to install your artificial grass

Find high-quality grass

When building a putting green, you’ll want to use the most durable and resistant type of artificial grass. This is because the foot traffic and the golfers’ clubs will cause wear and tear on the turf. Remember, low-grade products may be cheaper, but you may spend more in the long run because they need replacement or patchwork sooner than high-quality artificial grass. 

If you’re looking for high-quality artificial turf products, visit Forest Green Artificial Grass. As a one-stop shop, we provide synthetic grass, infills, golf accessories and other supplies to help you with your DIY synthetic turf installation. You can also call us at (916) 474-5036 if you need help on your DIY putting green project.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, we suggest that you choose PUTT 48 or Golf Supreme Artificial Turf for your backyard putting green. These artificial turf products provide an excellent cushioning effect and have realistic-looking grass blades that are perfect for swings. In addition, they’re made of durable and non-toxic materials that can tolerate high-foot traffic. 


Consider the size of your putting green 

The size of your putting green depends on your backyard space and the number of golf players. Ideally, you’ll want something big enough that people can play conveniently. After all, you don’t want to bump into each other during a game. 


Choose the right location

The place you’ll set up your backyard putting green is also important. First, you’ll want a level surface so your playthroughs won’t get affected by unwanted ball movement from an uneven area or worry about puddles (or stagnant water) during the rainy season. 

Meanwhile, you should never limit yourself to an outdoor putting greens field. In fact, some people have installed an indoor mini golf course, so they play even if it’s raining or too hot outside.


Buy materials and supplies

Before building your DIY putting green, make sure that you have these tools and supplies. 

Note that it’s essential to choose the right kind of grass infill and seaming since they determine the texture and stability of your putting surface. The rubber matting is also crucial since it ensures proper drainage and prevents slippage if the grass is wet. 


Final word

Building a DIY putting green in your backyard is a relatively easy weekend project, especially if you have a pair of helping hands. As long as you do your research and source your artificial turf and supplies from a reputable online shop, you can save money on labor and get your dream “backyard golf course.”

At Forest Green Artificial Grass, we can help you with your DIY putting green projects and guide you to choose the best materials for your backyard putting green. You may reach us by filling out this form or call us at (916) 474-5036. 

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