What’s the Best Artificial Grass for Pets?

What’s the best artificial grass for pets?

While you may see your manicured lawn as a lovely sight, your dog may have a different view from yours, literally. Pets often prefer urinating on grass, causing discolored dead patches that can take months to grow back. A good option for pet parents is to use artificial turf, which requires significantly less maintenance compared to live grass.

However, not all artificial lawns are created equal. Some are purely installed for aesthetic reasons (i.e., they cannot withstand high foot traffic), other products can take more beating, while others are labeled explicitly as pet friendly artificial grass.

But what really makes artificial grass pet friendly? And what criteria do you have to consider if you want to buy the best artificial grass for pets?

Easy to clean

Products labeled as ideal synthetic grass for dogs have non-porous materials, which means they won’t absorb urine from animals. Additionally, they are easy to clean–just wash off the area with a garden hose. However, you may need to follow it up with a pet urine neutralizer for artificial grass if you can still smell a whiff of unpleasant odor.

Remember, the sooner you clean after your pets relieve themselves, the less likely you’ll need to use a pet urine neutralizer product.

But if you’re dealing with animal waste, pick it up first before you hose it off with water and follow it up with an artificial grass cleaner. If you need a pet- and child-safe cleaning solution, visit Forest Green Artificial Grass, a one-stop shop for all your synthetic grass needs.

The best artificial grass for pets also comes with a self-drainage system, which means no pooling of water, mud, or bare patches that you’ll often see in natural turf.

To further ensure that your artificial turf is pet friendly, use infills that are made of natural material that absorbs urine to prevent any unpleasant smell. Nowadays, the most popular infill brands that are ideal for pet owners are Zeofill and Camofill.

Infills are products placed between artificial grass blades to help them stand up and maintain their upright position after being exposed to weight and pressure.

Soft toned texture

Artificial grass products are made of different materials. And if you’re going to use your lawn as a play area (either for the kids or pets), it’s important that you choose something that has a soft texture that makes the grass comfortable to walk on.

The best artificial grass for pets is made of polyethylene that is notable for its natural look and texture, almost comparable to the real thing. Additionally, it can withstand high foot traffic, inclement weather, and constant weight.


Another important feature when choosing artificial grass for pets is the durability. After all, your lawn will be your furry companions’ play area. A durable turf also means easy cleaning–simply use a water hose with a bit of pressure to wash away their mess.


Make sure that you choose a supplier that only carries brands that offer lead-free and non-toxic artificial turf. To learn more about this product or get a free quote, visit Forest Green Artificial Grass or call us at (916) 474-5036.

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