Why Californians Are Using Artificial Grass Instead of Natural Grass

California Artificial Grass

If you’re new in California, you might be wondering: why are there a lot of people using artificial grass? Is natural grass no longer in style? What gives?

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The short answer is drought. For many, it’s no longer feasible to maintain a lawn with natural grass as the water supply for the entire state is well below average. Thus, California artificial grass became popular.

How popular is it?

California artificial grass and synthetic turf popularity

According to a 2020 Synthetic Turn Council report, the market has enjoyed a 15% increase since 2017. And 2020 was expected to install fake lawns valued at $2.7 billion. 

To put that into context, that translates to approximately 265 million square feet of fake lawns and 777 million pounds of infill. That’s a staggering number, but it isn’t surprising. 

Fake turf is becoming a booming business, with climate change worsening yearly. And it will only grow from here.

That’s doubly true for the Golden State, where drought will further decrease the water supply. While the state’s water reservoir is in a slightly better position than last year, officials warn Californians to prepare for an even dryer year come 2023.

These worsening weather events led to the creation of Senate Bill 606 and Assembly Bill 1668. Both these laws will impose mandates on water suppliers to promote water conservation in the entire state.

Here’s how it works

The water supplier is given a water budget for its coverage area. It oversees this budget and distributes its supply based on the needs of the people. 

Again, the drought is forcing the supplier to allocate the water supply effectively. As such, it needs to come up with creative solutions to handle its inventory. 

One of the many solutions implemented is incentivizing businesses to use water-efficient appliances. These businesses will also receive a water rate cutback based on their water consumption.

Moreover, Gov. Gavin Newsom has also called for Californians to help reduce water consumption by 15% in July 2021. Unfortunately, most areas in the state have failed to achieve that 15% target.

The only figure that they managed to reach was 7.5%. And that will be insufficient, says State Water Resources Control Board chair Joaquin Esquivel.

Water conservation and California artificial grass

Thus, with the drought’s massive threat looming over everyone, Californians are trying their best to help out. For many homeowners, a synthetic lawn is one of the ways they can contribute.

California artificial grass is an excellent alternative for a living lawn, even if you have pets. It allows urine will easily pass through it, so you don’t have to worry about brown spots staining your lawn.

Also, synthetic grass isn’t as demanding as a living lawn. That means you don’t need to perform maintenance like mowing and aerating the soil. 

Of course, you’ll still need to conduct weekly maintenance. But since the said maintenance doesn’t involve watering your yard, the benefit is immediately apparent.

Aside from pets, your kids will also love synthetic lawns. It can be a play space for your children and your pets to burn their excess energy.

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