English IVY Grass


English IVY Grass 22”x22”

English Ivy has always added an elegant touch either as a potted plant on a trellis or independently climbing up a brick wall. But living ivy can be a challenge to maintain, especially if a certain look or direction is desired. For businesses who want the look of ivy but do not want the added expense or the headache of dealing with the real plant, architectural plants such as our faux ivy wall is the solution. The ivy is created with a poly-blend that is crafted to withstand normal environmental issues such as being brushed against or bumped into. The plant is also UV protected so it will not fade under either indoor or outdoor lighting.  English ivy is lush and has a graceful, meandering look that makes it ideal as a wall hanging on an accent wall or as a focal piece for a larger art installation. The wall can be custom-made to match size and shape requirements.

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