Pet Turf

$3.58 / sq.ft.

100% Permeable Pet Turf

Below are some recommendations that will assist you in choosing the right turf for your application.

  • Depending on the size of your pet, create a large enough area for the pet to play and do their business.
  • Choose the correct turf
    • Pet Turf with drainage holes.
      • All landscape turf may be used for Pets. 1-3 pet use.
  • 100% Permeable Pet Turf.
    • High Pet use, Small condensed areas, kennels, commercial facilities, Dog Parks.
  • Make sure that the soil below the area to be installed drains well and has good permeating qualities. If the soil in the area does not drain or permeate, you will have to remove and replace with a proper drainage material that will retain compaction.


Permeable Pet Turf is synthetic turf specifically designed for animal and pet use. This amazing product with its “Ultra-Flow” technology can drain over 400 inches per hour. Its unique design allows all fluids to easily flow through the entire product.

*Free from PFAS – Test Report No.: SHAEC23017619009

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