The Turf Edge 4′


The Turf Edges is a revolutionary product that will enhance any synthetic turf installation by creating a thicker, taller looking synthetic lawn. With The Turf Edge, you will be able to offer your customers the most natural looking synthetic turf installations in the world! The Turf Edge will produce a synthetic lawn that will have the appearance of longer grass blades, similar to the look of a manicured natural grass lawn.

The Turf Edge works with any synthetic turf model on the market. With this new creative approach to achieve a more natural edge, you can stand out against the competition by offering this newly multi-patented product. You will be able to close more deals at a considerably higher profit margin by adding The Turf Edge to your company’s sales approach.

The Turf Edge can be used in all areas where synthetic grass is installed. It can even be installed on select edges of a lawn to maximize aesthetic appeal.

Distributor opportunities are now available throughout the USA. Become a Turf Edge Distributor today and begin the journey of offering your clients the most natural looking synthetic turf installation!

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